Online Yoga & Meditation

1. Pranayama Chakra Meditation  is a breathwork, movement, and meditation practice designed to awaken the life force energy (prana), balance the energetic centers, and create a feeling of bliss & harmony.  The movements are slow and simple, and accessible to all ages and levels.  50 min. /$75

2. The Chakra Series is a seven-day chakra series yoga class that focuses on specific breathing techniques, poses, and meditation specific to each of the seven chakras.  Get ready to tap-in, tune-in, and turn-on your energetic system. 7 days/59 min./$420

3. Your Yoga Flow is a personalized chakra yoga sequence, designed specifically for your physical and energetic body.  50 min/$75

4. Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep, is a guided relaxation journey.  Drop out of the alpha brainwave state and tune-in to the tranquil powers of deeper states of consciousness. 50 min./$75