private yoga and meditation wellness sessions for mind body and spirit

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1. Chakra Yoga & Meditation is a breathwork, movement, and meditation practice designed to awaken the life force energy (prana), balance the energetic centers, and create a feeling of bliss & harmony.  The movements are slow and simple, and accessible to all ages and levels.  50 min. /$75


2. Yoga & NatureSUP Yoga & Meditation, and  Mountain Yoga & Meditation

3. Yoga & Healing Arts is a special blend of yoga, sound healing, and aromatherapy.  The session includes yoga - breathwork, asana & meditation, sound healing (bowl and tuning fork), and aromatherapy (serenity blend) to offer a deeper sense of connection, clarity, and calm for the mind-body & spirit.  50 min. /$75

4. The Chakra Series is a seven-day chakra series yoga & meditation session that focuses on a specific chakra center per day.  Each session is a flow of pranayama (breathing exercises), asana (poses), and (dhyana) meditation specific for the chakra center that day. Leave feeling balanced and energized.  1 week/ 50 min. per day/$420