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Chakra Yoga & Meditation

a sup yoga practice









SUP Yoga and Meditation is an on-the-water gentle yoga wellness session in beautiful Morro Bay, California.  Grab your SUP board (or rent one nearby) and experience your true nature in nature.


Your yoga practice includes pranayama (breathing exercise), gentle poses (asana), and meditation (dhyana).  The blend of breathwork, movements, and meditation in nature are designed to generate prana, life force energy, soothe the body, and balance the chakra energetic system.  



Together, we set out for a short and easy paddle to a nearby spot on the bay, find our spot to float, and establish a comfortable seat on the board to begin our practice.  The element of water and wildlife add a layer of peace and tranquility. 


No prior yoga or SUP experience is required.  Prefer the land, mindful on the water also offers

beach and mountain yoga practice. 

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