SUP Yoga
Mindfulness Meditation
Chill Out & Bliss Out

SUP Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation is an on-the-water mindfulness meditation yoga practice.  This combination of  Western EcoPsychology and Eastern Yoga teachings create a tranquil experience that includes: pranayama (breathing exercise), postures & movements (asana), balancing the energy centers (chakras), and meditation (dhyana). 


The breathwork, movements, and mindfulness meditation are designed to generate prana, life force energy, activate and balance the energetic system, and restore peace of mind. Leaving one with a feeling of a having an amazing yoga meditation retreat experience.


SUP Pranayama Chakra Meditation wellness session is conducted on a stand up paddle board (SUP) on the beautiful Central Coast waters.


Together, we set out for an easy paddle to a nearby spot - ocean, port, bay or lake, find our spot to float, then establish a comfortable seat on the board, and begin our practice.  

We close the practice with some free intuitive movements on the board, or lay in final savasana with nature, and return to shore.  The element of water and wildlife provide an easy feeling of tranquility and fun.  No prior yoga or SUP experience required

Rates:  75 minutes

Private: $110 BYOB or $140 w/board

Couple: $180 BYOB or $240 w/boards 

Group 3-5: $60 per person BYOB or $100 w/board