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Kundalini Rising for Beginners: an interactive virtual workshop
January 11, 2021
2:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M. PST


What is Kundalini: Kundalini yoga is often referred to as an ancient technology because if done correctly and practiced regularly, it can reprogram the body’s entire system.  Kundalini yoga uses several different techniques found throughout yoga. Specifically, this practice consists of chanting, poses, breathing exercises, hand gestures, and meditation. 

The word “kundalini” roughly translates to energy, life force, or the essence of life. By practicing kundalini yoga regularly, you will begin to awaken dormant energy (located at the base of the spine) and the different channels it travels through, activating each chakra. It balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, increases lung capacity, and purifies the blood stream while building a heightened sense of consciousness.


Kundalini yoga can be practiced by anyone, but only if you are ready to experience the changes it will bring into your life. If you are a beginning student, listen to your body. There should be no pain or discomfort in your practice - Be patient and your strength and flexibility will increase with regular practice. 

About the Workshop:

I. Kundalini Introduction with Kayla 

II. Pranayama Chakra Meditation with Ann-Terese

III. Kundalini Yoga Practice with Kayla

IV. Closing Chant with Everyone

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